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LET US EDUTAIN YOU: Learning with video in the classroom

With the test account for 30 days, you use a reduced and simplified version of The full version of is designed as a collaborative tool for working together within subject groups, the whole school and across schools and can be used with a whole school licence.

What happens after the 30 days?

Your school wants to introduce

If you would like to introduce at your school, we ask you to briefly provide us with some information about your institution via this link. We will then contact you.

You would like to continue using, but the introduction of the film platform is not currently planned in your school

Regular use of the full version is only possible with a whole school licence. However, your previous work in the test account will not be lost. You can continue to use all your added films and access links for teaching. However, all other functions and access to the media library will be deactivated.

What content and functions can you use with the simplified version?

  • Film collections of all schools using
  • Films of the ABU TV Tips
  • Current programmes
  • Film collection Kinokultur (with teaching materials)
  • Film collection of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) (via SWITCH edu-ID)
  • Adding videos
  • Recording all Swiss radio and TV stations
  • Inserting films into digital teaching units

What is - the collaborative online media library and film platform for Swiss educational institutions. The password-protected media platform enables audiovisual material (TV/radio broadcasts, web videos, DVDs) to be recorded, saved, managed, edited and shared with learners and teachers across schools. The film platform is available as a school licence. In addition to the free simplified version, the full version offers these additional options:

  • Recording of an additional 64 TV and radio stations from Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain and England. (e.g. 3sat, Arte, BBC, CNN)
  • Establishment of joint film collections in subject groups, for the whole school or across school buildings
  • Additional roles for the organisation of film collections and administrator rights
  • Recommendation function to increase the quality of shared film collections
  • Access to specialised subject film collections
  • Conduct video conferences
  • Recording of video conferences and automatic uploading to "my programmes"
  • Direct video recording (e.g. for messages to the class) and automatic upload to "my programmes"
  • Direct screen recording (e.g. for explainer videos) and automatic upload to "my programmes"
  • Sharing video conference recordings and video and screen recordings with classes via access links